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We have moved as of May 2021. Our new office is located at 1236 Dr. MLK Jr. Street N. Come check it out! At Solely Therapeutic Massage, our integrative bodywork and massage therapy services address the body with a holistic approach. Our focus is to not only provide safe and effective treatments, but to give our clients an experience they will remember. Let us show you what therapeutic bodywork can do!
Parking is located on the north side of the building and our office is located upstairs. We have an elevator in the front, or stairs on the side.
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Don’t just take our word for it!

Kelley Henry is the BEST! I am simply blown away by how good she was. My neck and shoulder mobility issues improved beyond my imagination – and this was just one visit! I will absolutely be back for the expertise of Kelley. She knows what she is doing, a real master of this craft! Also, I want to point out what a pleasant and peaceful environment this was. No self-esteem awkwardness in here – they really want to HEAL you. All good things!


Massage therapy from a great team of LMT’s is an essential part of self care. I view regular massage therapy as a preventative measure to keep my body moving correctly and to head off aches & pains before they even have a chance to start. You take your car to the mechanic regularly for service–shouldn’t you be doing the same for your body? The therapists here use a wide range of techniques that are all uniquely suited to your needs. I always leave the table feeling great, and I’m wondering if I can just book 2 hour sessions instead of just the 60 minutes!


Best massage I ever had. Solely Therapeutic Massage used very different techniques that I have never had before. When I left there I really felt my muscles were loosened up. Great work and I would highly recommend them.


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