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FAKTR – Functional and Kinetic Treatment and Rehabilitation

In 2010, the FAKTR concept was formalized–a unique approach to patient care that involves not only IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue manipulation), but that utilizes many manual and instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques and incorporates functional rehabilitation through provocation and movement.  Although the protocol can be performed with or without instruments, the developers wanted to develop high quality surgical stainless-steel instruments in a number of different shapes for maximum effectiveness.

  • FAKTR instruments are made of surgical stainless steel (a nonporous metal used in operating rooms throughout the world for its hygienic properties and durability) and are proudly manufactured in the USA.  Unlike many other instruments in the market, FAKTR instruments are poured, not cut–ensuring a quality tool with perfect edges each and every time one is produced.

  • All FAKTR instruments have double-beveled edges, allowing the clinician to switch directions, use the left, right or both hands, and change strokes quickly and easily without having to change positions.

  • The FAKTR logo is etched into the metal on both sides of each instrument–to increase grip during treatment.

  • Each instrument is designed to treat the entire body with various concave and convex edges, tips and long treatment surfaces.

  • CORRECT: Our Dynamic Tape acts mechanically like a spring to strongly decelerate or assist motion to improve movement patterns. From foot drop to football, Dynamic Tape is a trusted ally for leading athletes, clinicians and patients.

  • PROTECT: Our tape can help to reduce load on injured or overworked structures like a muscle strain, ankle sprain, tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis and can assist where weakness is present e.g. after ACL repair to address risk factors associated with pain or re-injury.

  • PERFORM: Quality of life is determined by our ability to perform our normal daily activities. For someone recovering from a stroke, that might be to grasp a cup. For others, it might be to run a marathon. Effects can be immediate, observable and measurable.

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