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Integrative Bodywork- Cupping, fire cupping, IASTM, Kinesio taping 

Why do we call it integrative bodywork?

Every client has different needs and goals, tolerances, and personalities. We have to be able to flow with them and use our toolboxes of experience differently with each person. 

Combining the art, science, and soul of massage therapy means we will not only use tools and education, but also listen and use our intuition. Integrating techniques and protocols for specific conditions, we are able to offer more effective and longer lasting results with each session.  We INCLUDE all of this in your session because we believe in giving the massage we would expect for ourselves. 

Here, we’ll describe just a few tools we use and why. 


This treatment dates back thousands of years. As massage therapists, our intention is to use it for soft tissue release. It feels like exactly what it is: suction. But the benefits go beyond the surface and many clients report a wave of relaxation on top of the obvious soft tissue changes. 

Cupping Therapy reduces symptoms related to the following conditions:

We use three kinds of cupping techniques

  • Silicone- for myofascial release, increasing circulation, and warming the tissue for deeper work. 
  • Plastic (air pump)- used stationary for specific trigger points and areas with thick fascial adhesions
  • Glass fire cupping with Jessie- The warmth of the fire stays in the glass cup adding to the benefits listed above. 
St Pete cupping massage therapy


Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation.

Sounds fancy, but this technique has ALSO been around thousands of years. Guasha is still preformed all over the world to facilitate healing soft tissue. We have evolved from rocks and seashells and use a custom surgical steel tools that contour to the treatment areas. 

These tools allow us to get into the myofascial layer just below the skin to release adhesions, increase circulation, and safely mobilize scar tissue with minimal discomfort- unless you’re  ticklish then just breathe through it.  

IASTM integrative bodywork st pete

Kinesio and Dynamic taping

Kinesio taping is used for multiple reasons. Most commonly, it is used to facilitate specific weak muscles or relax spasmed or overactive muscles. It can also provide support and flushing after a sprain or strain.  Your therapist may send you home with tape to keep your treatment going for days after your massage and help re-educate your posture or assist with swelling and lymphatic drainage. 

integrative bodywork kinesio tape sports recovery st pete

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