Jessica Rousseau, Lead Therapist, LMT, CPP, FS

Jessica graduated from Spa Tech Institute in Maine where she completed her training and graduated as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Polarity Practitioner, and Licensed Aesthetician. (read more)

Elena Schwartz LMT

Elena is passionate about pain prevention; her goal is to help relieve the issues within your tissues! Elena will provide immediate and long lasting relief, by customizing each session and utilizing traditional spa amenities such as hot towels, essential oils as well as cold and warm stones, gua sha, and of course -Cupping.  (read more)

Shaneena Holland LMT, SET

Shaneena Brings over 14 years of experience and knowledge including the SET certification in 2008. She specializes in integrating her SET structural integration work as part of a more wholistic treatment. (Read more)

Christopher Musicaro LMT

Chris has been helping clients in St Pete revitalize and heal their body since becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist at the Aveda Institute in 2013. (read more)