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In the ever-evolving field of musculoskeletal wellness, the latest breakthrough is Targeted Vibrational Therapy (TVT). This innovative approach, available in both passive and active forms, is transforming the way we address soft tissue and joint concerns. At the forefront of this revolution is the Rapid Release Pro3, a device that stands out as the pinnacle of TVT application. Let’s delve into the world of vibrational therapy, comparing it to traditional percussion tools and uncovering why the Pro3 is the ultimate choice.

Understanding Targeted Vibrational Therapy

Active TVT and the Pro3 Advantage

Targeted Vibrational Therapy, utilizing high-frequency vibrations with specialized movement, comes alive in the active form known as Active TVT. The Pro3, with its unique application f high-frequency vibrations, is leading the pack in enhancing movement, improving soft tissue extensibility, and boosting joint range of motion.

Targeted vibrational therapy and Vibrational Release Techniques utilize high frequency/low amplitude vibration ≤50Hz to address and improve movement by enhancing soft tissue extensibility and subsequent joint range of motion.  The Rapid Release Pro3 is currently the best


The Percussion Paradigm: Theragun, Hypervolt, and More

A Closer Look at Percussive Tools

Percussive tools, including popular brands like Theragun and Hypervolt, operate with a long stroke length that can provoke muscle guarding and discomfort, particularly in sensitive or inflamed tissue. While effective for muscle recovery and facilitation, their versatility is limited over joints and delicate areas.

A Versatile Approach: Pro3 vs. Percussive Tools

Breaking Down Versatility, Comfort, and Therapeutic Effects

Versatility: The Pro3’s five application components, including surfaces designed for shallow and sensitive areas, outshine percussive devices with their pistoning action, allowing for a broader range of applications over joints and delicate tissues.

Comfort: The Pro3’s short stroke, with a frequency of 155Hz, delivers comfort, relief, and reduced muscle guarding, contrasting with the forceful impact of percussive devices with high amplitude movement.

Speed, Relief, and Full Body Therapy

Rapid Release Pro3 – Setting the Standard

The Rapid Release Pro3 boasts being 3-5 times faster than percussion tools. Its short stroke not only increases comfort and relief but also positions it as a superior choice for full-body therapy. This, coupled with its frequency precision, makes the Pro3 an unrivaled force in the world of vibrational therapy.

Where the Pro3 Shines

 Small Muscles, Extremities, and Sensitive Areas

The Pro3’s frequency precision and design make it a go-to choice for targeting small muscles, extremities, and sensitive areas. While percussive devices may have limitations, the Pro3 excels in delivering effective therapy to these intricate areas with unparalleled ease.

Whether you seek relief in sensitive areas, full-body therapy, or a faster, more comfortable recovery, the Pro3 is not just a device; it’s a transformative wellness companion. Elevate your recovery journey with the Pro3 and experience the future of vibrational therapy at your fingertips.